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Izzyway, a new technology company

rocket Izzyway is a young French company founded in 2020, specialized in new technologies and process execution (BPM). Izzyway supports you in your digital transformation, we offer a solution capable to connect all existing solutions with your internal business processes.

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How it works ?

Izzyway developed a web server fully dedicated to process execution. Hosted in the Cloud or on-premise, the server follows a script describing the process (calling Web-Service, sending email, creating interfaces, timed operations, etc.) and can report on the state of progress of the various running processes. The Izzyway server is able to interact in many protocols (https, sql, mongodb, ldap, ssh, soap, mqtt, coap and many others).

Easy integration

Izzyway can integrate with all major known systems (Google Cloud, Office 365, Active Directory...). For an even easier integration, Izzyway has developed a set of Chrome and Firefox extensions to make process execution accessible in all your pages. The extensions allow you to be notified of tasks, to follow their evolution or to create new ones.

Less is more

Izzyway respects the "less is more" philosophy by making every effort to reduce the impact of the server on local resources. Fewer machine resources; fewer transactions; less cost; more performance.

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Izzyway SAS
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